More Than 40 Percent of Companies Now Offer a ‘Summer Friday’ Perk

An anonymous reader shares a report: Leaving early on a Friday afternoon in June? There’s a growing chance your boss has endorsed it. The percentage of companies that offer some kind of “summer Friday” arrangement — in which companies officially permit workers, almost entirely office ones, to leave early on Friday afternoons in the summer — is on the rise. According to a new survey of Fortune 1000 companies by CEB, the Arlington, Va.-based research and consulting firm, 42 percent of companies now officially sanction starting the weekend early (press release), a doubling of the percentage who offered the benefit in 2015, when 21 percent of companies said they did so. That big jump, says Brian Kropp, who heads the firm’s human resources practice, is because the benefit is such a no-brainer for companies to offer. As flexible work arrangements have grown and the average office worker is just a text or phone call away, many people already duck out early on Friday afternoons, especially before long holiday weekends. Making it official gives the company a way to plug their generosity without spending much at all.

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