NASA astronaut on future of space exploration

Former NASA astronaut Ron Garan looks ahead to the future of space exploration as NASA and SpaceX prepare to launch their next crew to the International Space Station. (April 22) Video Transcript RON GARAN: What we’re hopefully seeing now are the first steps where we establish a transportation infrastructure between the earth and our closest neighbor, the moon, which leads to a permanent human presence on the moon, which opens up a gateway to the rest of the solar system, including Mars. And I think the robotic operations on Mars right now, the increase in human spaceflight activity right now, especially amongst commercial partners, the plans for the lunar infrastructure, transportation infrastructure, that are coming to fruition, I think are all very encouraging. With all the commercial activities, with all the new spacecraft that are being built, with the daring missions that are being planned, establishing a lunar outpost, all of these things that are coming online. And it’s a really exciting time to be thinking that if I was in my teens or early 20s and the possibilities, or younger even, all the possibilities that are out there, and everyone can be a part of that.

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